EP 1 - David Graeber, Organic Nazis, and Qanon

September 8, 2020

Cory, Dell, and Kevin talk about the passing and legacy of David Graeber, the link between fascists and organic farming, and the Trump worshiping cult known as Qanon

Cory's notes (@hardcoreskeptic)

We Are Not Going to Fact-Check Our Way Out of QAnon


Kevin’s notes: (@ancomscicomm)

David Graeber Dead: Anthropologist & Anti-Capitalist Thinker Behind ‘We Are the 99%’ Slogan Dies at 59 -

How David Graeber Changed the Way We See Money -

A Jewish Goodbye to David Graeber -

“We Are the 99%”: Occupy Wall Street Activist & Author David Graeber, Dead at 59, in His Own Words -


Dell’s notes: (@moarcowbelle)


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